Date 6 January 2016

Clients, Potential Clients, Interested Parties-Read this entire page & pay specific attention to the Public Warning! 

Requests for all types & categories of armored vehicles can be fullfilled, whether wheeled or tracked, to include Currency Transports (banks) & executive Close Protection Vehicles.  While combat vehicles can be produced, certain armament is illegal within the Continental United States.  The possession of certain explosive compositions within the Continental United States is a federal crime.  This does not apply to requests for the previously-mentioned armament Outside of the Continental United States, such as throughout the Middle East, Far East, Specified Areas of Europe & Africa.  Please do not request the production of armored vehicles equipped with functional cannon-fired High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT) or Cannon-Launched Guided Projectiles (CLGP) for operation within the United States.  The possession of these categories of munitions is massively ILLEGAL in the USA.  USAV will not take possession of nor manufacture rocket ammunition while in the Continental US.  Vehicles can be manufactured for such armament, but must be mated with it within a zone of legitimacy outside of the USA.    


There is a Question & Answer section at the bottom of this page.  This data is taken from communication with Clients & other interested parties.  All visitors are advised to review the communication which is displayed at the bottom of the page. 


Ladies & Gentlemen, be aware of fraudulent schemes or any other communication which appears to be abnormal.  In communicating with USAV or receiving communication from USAV, all correspondence will be conducted through the implementation of correctly-arranged sentences & in proper english.  USAV will not ask its Clients to make payments to third parties or to discuss agreements with any other entity.  USAV's only associates are SBSS, AMS-Allen's Mobile Service, the US Military & the UK Military.  These mentioned organizations will not conduct communication with USAV Clients.  Here are USAV's contact details unless otherwise shown on this site:  &  .  To contact Steel Bridge, use,  or leave a message within one of the email addresses above. 

Public Warning:  During the week of 17-23 January 2015, at least 2 people perpetrating memership with a known towing service in Arizona have obtained a copy of the USAV Arizona State Registration & 3 unprotected pictures.  It is suspected the recipient persons will attempt to claim a connection or possibly management positions with USAV or AMS.  Please be aware, only 2 persons speak for USAV, SBSS & AMS-Allen's Mobile Service & USAV possesses few connections other than whom is displayed within these pages. 

Regarding my associate's function, SBSS, be further aware of hackers creating schemes using photographs from the SBSS site.  One or more technically-advanced individuals bypassed the secure feature protecting the images & copied at least one.  This is only a precautionary warning.  Review the "About Us" page for information directly regarding this problem. 

Do not be alarmed.  Be aware.     

 Welcome to US Armored Vehicles.  All material displayed within this online publication, whether written, visual or audio, is the property of the sole proprietor & owner-operator of US Armored Vehicles.

First, this proprietary operation was not created by a wealthy person.  This business was created by a veteran.  I didn't have US Armored Vehicles handed to me.  I built it with my hands & my back, with many successes & failures along the way.  Continue through the next pages & all who visit this site will understand why US Armored Vehicles is the only choice. 

US Armored Vehicles maintains a shop in the United States which serves as a vehicle production facility & at times, a training area.  The owner is a very multi-talented former special services military member who possesses varying non-combatant skills, primarily as a master mechanic, senior welder & structural fabricator.  As well, the owner brings 19 years of special operations & direct combat experience into the manufacture of armored vehicles & 28 years of automotive systems knowledge. 

Vehicles are not built & maintained as inventory assets.  Each asset is custom built to fulfill an individual order.  Each asset is created by the hands & mind of the proprietory owner & sometimes, the assistance of 1 to 3 specialists.  This is part of what sets US Armored Vehicles apart from other companies & corporates.  The fact, the owner has served in combat areas while operating vehicles which have struck mines, IEDs & IIDs, were hit by AT rockets or which have been ambushed, gives the Client confidence in knowing the purchased vehicle is not created out of theoretical knowledge or is built a certain way because "that's how it is usually done".  Several of the owner's systems have been directly employed in hazardous operations especially in Central & South America & in the Middle East, so is a testament to US Armored Vehicles.  US Armored Vehicles is a very small proprietary operation, & wants to stay this way.  For the Client, this means, he or she knows the owner & his few associates, & also knows his costs are lesser as compared to all other competition.  

View the images on the following page & touch each tab.  There is a small measure of information concerning each system within the tab.  As a matter of fact, the question has been asked twice, "does USAV build vehicles only".  The answer is, "no".  USAV also builds structures primarily for the purpose of survival & protection , for example, in the event of a home invasion.  USAV removes homes from the civil grid or enhances the home by converting the electrical network from 110VAC to 12VDC.  I believe in solar & wind energy & it powers the homes of 90% of each home USAV has touched.  





1)  Do you guys turn any truck or van into an armored vehicle?  I have a 2010 Nissan Armada & my wife drives a 2006 Ford Expedition.  Mark ****, Los Angeles, CA

1A)  Yes.  USAV can perform both of the builds.  The engines of both vehicles will most likely be swapped for diesels.  There would be other additions & changes.

2)  Hey man.  I have seen some of your armored vehicles in Tempe just like the Chevy truck.  Where is your base?  Charles *****, Mesa, AZ

2A)  Unfortunately, your observation is incorrect.  Unless an owner of a USAV-manufacturered vehicle is currently within the State of Arizona, there are no armored vehicles built by USAV which are local.  My shop does not maintain a "yard vehicle".  As well, the shop is in DFW, Texas.  The Chevrolet which you have observed in the Tempe, Arizona area is not an armored vehicle, but does belong to USAV.  All USAV trucks are equipped with a pair of tires installed in their rear.  There is also a Ford-based truck build residing in Arizona.  The vehicle looks similar to the asset called, Nemesis.  The vehicle in Arizona is not an armored vehicle.  It is, at times, seen on Arizona, New Mexico, Texas & Oklahoma highways.  

3)  What work can you do to the Tundra & Titan, & the Armada?  Yuri ******, Ukraine 

3A)  All of the possible production applicable to the Ford & Chevy trucks holds likewise for the Titan, Armada & Tundra.  Each would have to go to a Powerstroke, D-Max or Cummins diesel.

4)  Can you elaborate on your production of trucks with guns?  What else can you build?  I & my company are very interested in your van with the mortar & machinegun.  Mohammad Asef *********, Saudi

4A)  Of course.  The combinations of operational equipment are almost unlimited.  The armament type would be established upon the vehicle type & operational necessities.  The vehicle shown in the picture is just one of many combinations.  You spoke of a necessity for a fast attack vehicle with anti-personnel & anti-armor capabilities.  The vehicle type would most likely be a heavy Ford or Chevy derivative.  It would most likely be equipped with several weapons......among the weapons, would be a 90mm rocket launcher or recoiless rifle (RCLR), 7.62mm Minigun & M60 GPMG(s).  Barack Allah feek.  Ma'a salama.  

5)  Can you give out a price for your Chevy 1/2 ton truck with the Duramax diesel?  Alongside that we need a price for you Ford-based vehicles such as the LRRV named Nemesis?  Is Nemesis armed as shown in the picture?  Lots of questions but we intend to make contact formally & make purchases.  Can you build an F550 such as you've suggested & arm the vehicle to work as a security vehicle?  What is the price?  Simon ********, Canada

5A)  The costs of each vehicle differs with design, intended function & the original vehicle price tag.  Regarding the General Motors vehicle shown in the image (powered by a D-Max diesel), the truck was purchased (used) by USAV for $5500 USD.  The materials, additions & production had a cost of $13900 USD.  All final costs, including registration brought the final sum cost to $19800 USD.  The General Motors truck in the image, called, Dagger, was sold for $27000 USD.  Nemesis carried a sticker price (used) of $6000 USD as a factory-original vehicle.  As a modified vehicle, Nemesis has a cost of $30000 USD, & was sold for $41000 USD.  Yes, Nemesis was equipped with an integrated weapon system.  USAV's integrated weapons are never discussed.  All integrated systems & designs are maintained as secret information, & discussed with the Client after the fee is received (&/or clears).  All Clients are instructed to maintain secrecy of their vehicles so as to refrain from undermining the asset's effectiveness.  The F550 can be fabricated to operate in a multiplicity of capacities.  Configurations are numerous.  As a combat security vehicle or low-profile asset, the vehicle will carry an end price above $40000 USD, but not greater than $200000 USD.  A more definite figure cannot be given.  The vehicle year is the first deciding factor, as the cost is greater for a newer vehicle.  What you should know is, USAV does not add to the original vehicle price tag, while other companies &/or their middleman banking institutions add a 100-250% surcharge.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  

6)  While on the subject of close protection vehicles, are you capable of converting a Ford F550 into a close protection vehicle, one which can function likewise for the purpose of recce?  I understand, that the cost of the lorry will fluctuate depending upon several factors.  Terrance *********, UK

6A)  Yes, USAV can build a dual or multiple role truck to function as a CPV & as a recon vehicle, & of course use the F550 as the core.  However, as a CPV, this type of vehicle will undermine your attempt to remain low profile.  An F550 will be as conspicuous as a city bus parked in a sea of Honda Accords.  It will appear as Godzilla peaking his head out from between two hills.  As a recon vehicle, the F550 or even a Cummins Ram 4500 will easily satisfy all of your company's necessities with great success.      

7)  In regard to the costs of your vehicles, why are several of the special types such as the LRRV, Nemesis, so very shallow in price?  $40000 or 50000 quid is quite barren for such a beast I'd say, mate.  Derren *********, UK

7A)  That's a good question.  It was all about timing & marketing.  At the time, USAV was just getting a start & especially during a particularly difficult time period in the World's economy, more so in the US.  USAV lowered the cost of each fabrication to entice sales while simultaneously encouraging Client confidence.  Trust me when I tell you this.  I am very well-aware of the true value of the vehicles, Nemesis & Dagger.  Oceanside & Earthquake were also undersold, but were purchased for amounts greater than Nemesis.  None of this is important, Derren.  What is actually of importance, are the great deals current & potential Clients can score in purchasing with USAV.  No other manufacturer can touch USAV's level of construction, nor function or versatility.  It's not even a distant competition.  It eludes me, as to how a few companies in the Far East, Middle East & in Africa can purchase from varying worldwide manufacturers who provide a "stock" up-armored vehicle.  I put together a 4wd diesel-powered Ford Excursion (FX) with reinforced chassis & transmission, a BR10/HVR4 armor package, 4C communication system, a Soviet AGS17 AGL, a Soviet 14.5mm HMG, a PKM GPMG & an uninterrupted ground range of 800 miles, & it sold for an amount just $5000USD greater than the best of the nearest competitor.  The nearest competitor could crank out a GMC Suburban (Yukon XL) with a common FM communication system (1C), 8.1L 502 cubic inch gasoline engine, enlarged fuel tank (415 miles), & a BR8 armor package.  The chassis wasn't even reinforced, & the "no-talent ass-clowns" who sold it, raked in $80000 USD.  You do the math.  My equation comes up to, lunacy.  From what I have heard, the Client has been looking for oil & fuel filters for his truck.  USAV sends 4 of each filter with the truck at no extra charge.  What is your result?  Lunacy.    

8)  I understand what you're selling & the obvious quality of your automotive systems.  However, as another mechanic & welder much like yourself, I do not take well to some of your statements online.  You claimed that the competition is likened to a "no-talent ass-clown".  That's unacceptable.  Daniel *******, Germany

8A)  Thank you for the correction, Daniel.  Thank you.  I meant no unrest in concern to the competence of the competition.  To the contrary, several of the varying competitors have within their employment, many skilled senior mechanics & master welders.  More so, correct, the remark should have included the term, "no-combat ass-clowns', or perhaps, 'insufficient-combat ass-clowns".  Whether insulting or no, the bottom line is USAV's assets cannot be beaten.  Our quality, level of workmanship & unrelenting operational functionality is beyond anything seen in competition vehicles.   

9)  Hello.  Can you do any work to the Unimog & large Mercedes Benz trucks?  Peter *******, Norway

9A)  Hello.  Yes, of course.  I have performed fabrications & builds for models within each series of vehicle.  During the last build, a Mercedes 10-ton truck was converted into a recovery vehicle with front & rear winches & a 4-person sleeper.  The Mercedes engine & control unit were removed & replaced with a Detroit engine & ECM.  The result was exceptional.  

10)  Just speaking of this gun you were talking about on your site.  You were saying a particular truck armored to your BR8 or BR10 standard could take multiple hits from an M2 HMG, but not as many from a 14.5mm HMG.  I don't know anything about the Russian 14.5mm gun but do have a .50 Caliber rifle & I do use it on my ranch.  My gun can punch holes through 1" steel plates at around 500 to a 750 yards.  How many hits can your trucks take from that 14.5mm machinegun you were talking about?  JJ******, TX, USA

10A)  The particular vehicle of which you are speaking is USAV's wheeled APC.  The APC also serves under a modification as a Fast Response Vehicle-FRV.  The particular vehicle in mention is protected to USAV's BR9 standard.  It can withstand several hundreds of impacts from a 12.7mm HMG, M2 or Soviet DshK, but primarily in critical areas.  In testing, a similar vehicle was subjected to the same abuse as though disabled while under an attack.  The weapon was mounted onto a 4wd truck & was attacked from varying angles & distances.  The entire factory-manufactured body was ripped to shreds.  45 seconds into the attack, it was nearly impossible to even identify the target vehicle as being a Ford truck.  The vehicle's engine did survive & started immediately following the firing of 500 rounds.  100 rounds were armor-piercing-tracer, while another 100 were armor-piercing-incendiary.  The attack occurred at distances between 50 meters (165 feet) & 800 meters (2640 feet) & from 360 degrees.  All tires were destroyed but the internal features were in sufficient condition to allow for mobility.  Direct fire was focused onto the transmission & transfer case & each took multiple direct hits.  The protection absorbed & also deflected all incoming rounds.  The rear of the vehicle survived the initial 150 scattered rounds but began failing beyond that.  The turret faired well during the initial scattered 250 rounds & began to fail following.  The primary fire rained into the cab & windows.  There were no penetrations into the cab.  The protective window panels survived the barrage but were completely battered beyond viewability.  The comm system survived, but further more, the test dummies inside were undamaged.  The rear of the vehicle was ravaged & 3 of the 6 test dummies did survive undamaged.  The other 3 were destroyed quite effectively.  An example of the same vehicle's protection was put up against similar ammunition fired from a Soviet 14.5mm HMG.  300 rounds were expended, but the protection & synthetic window panels were significantly damaged at a point in which 245 rounds were fired.  The example cab was not penetrated.  The engine did function, but there was significant malfunction within the 4wd front end & forward differential.  This is the reason for the USAV indication, stating the vehicle cannot absorb extensive repeat hits from a 14.5mm HMG.      

11)  Please give further details about the survival chances of your heavy armored vehicles in the class of BR12 or above against 40 mm grenade projectiles.  Can your Ford Excursion in this class remain functional?  Mikel ******, Germany

11A)  Guten abend, Mikel.  USAV's FX of BR9 protection can withstand the effects of multiple 40 mm HEDP (M203, M320) or Soviet 40mm projectiles fired from the BG15.  Numerous blasts to the forward, flank & rear hard screens have proven to be very hazardous.  Should the vehicle be engaged by either a Mk19 or AGS17 automatic grenade launcher, the crew must quickly seek defensive defilade & possibly reinforced overhead cover.  You must remember, the FX is not a main battle tank, but instead an M-Body truck converted to a wheeled, light or medium armored vehicle.  Your request mentioned an FX of BR12 protection.  USAV does not reveal information pertaining to the protective qualities of any our vehicles beyond BR10.  An FX is a Ford Excursion. 

12)  You have several examples of your work on the photo page.  None of the recon vehicles are painted like military vehicles.  Why?  Your vehicles are of interest to my company.  Howard *******, Afghanistan

12A)  Hello.  I recommend a color & scheme to the Client, but the Client makes the end decision.      

13)  Hi.  We spoke before about services from Steel Bridge & also regarding US Armored Vehicles.  My associates & I are very interested in obtaining vehicles for the reasons of security & response.  Of course, I would also enjoy knowing the answer if you could entertain me.  Why don't you & your amigos make further sales to the military forces of Mexico & just sales in general to the public?  If so many are not buying your vehicles then who is picking their business up?  What do you feel about that new vehicle called the Ghurka.  Ramon *******, Mexico

13A)  Buenos tardes, Ramon.  To reach SBSS, go to the contact page & initiate contact.  Concerning USAV's attempts with the military of Mexico, I have introduced my builds to a few but nothing has become of the situation yet.  I would sell to private entities, but must know for certain, the vehicles will not fall into gang hands.  Concerning the situation of many of the big companies in general, many have gone to great lengths to seek other companies for their needs.  That's because they can't fathom the possibility of working with a smaller company which bares no name worldwide.  Their seniors tell me, they are seeking the assistance of their trusted partners.  It's ridiculous to me, because the competition shows with a strikingly substandard machine & the Client took it anyway.  It makes no sense to me more so, because their trusted partners are the very people selling & leasing these substandard assets.   I have seen this occur twice.  I offer these amazing machines.  The assets draw stares because it means the competition has never seen a vehicle which is as well-ordered or functional.  It's a matter of getting what you pay for.  I have stated to the security management of a certain large international company, the situation in Benghazi which involved a US ambassador & his security detail would not have occured had they had access to the proper assets.  Dagger, or better so, Nimar, the Ford equipped with the impact fender, would have absorbed the damage & protected the occupants of either vehicles & allowed them the range to escape.  I have seen the Ghurka 4wd vehicle & it has a lot going for it, but also leaves very much to be desired, especially when considering its high cost.  Again, Dagger or worse more, Nimar, would eat a Ghurka for supper.  It's not a statement containing a bunch of trash-talk about another company's vehicle.  It goes to the core of each company.  The President & CEO of the other design & production company's are huge people, whom are desk riders.  Without fanfare, the owner of this service is the guy who is drafting & building these assets.  I am the guy who is wearing the truck's fluids.......each vehicle.  You do the math.  I am aware of the performance & survivability capabilities of Nimar, because I was the person who volunteered to man a similar vehicle while being attacked by a Soviet DshK heavy machinegun & an M203 40mm grenade launcher.  I climbed into the #3 seat just moments prior to the frontal collision with a 30-ton dozer.    Concluding the contact with the dozer, the vehicle similar to Nimar, was then picked & raised to 18 feet by a forklift.  The vehicle was dropped several times.  Each time, I was able to start the asset's engine & roll under its own power.  This is how I know these vehicles' endurance......from first-person experience.            

14)  Which of your vehicles can withstand an attack by an RPG & possibly survive an explosion of perhaps an IED or EFP under the frame?  I am seeking vehicles with wheels, not tracks.  Your vehicles are especially of interest to me because they do fit very well into the surrounding movement of traffic.  The point you made on another page made me think about the production of the Transformers.  The machines that transformed from 3 black suburbans.  Yes, they very well stood out against the other vehicles.  Edgar ********, Italy

14A)  Several of USAV's wheeled vehicles can withstand the impacts of varying rocket munitions & either divert or absorb the detonations of both the B40, B41 & B43 rockets (RPG7/RPG16).  Likewise, several of our vehicles can also survive the dets of EFPs & IEDs to within limit.  With that said, none of my smaller wheeled vehicles could withstand the det of an IED, should it contain an explosive load beyond 250 lbs.  That figure is pushing it pretty far.  Correct again.  You will not find rows of Toyota Land Cruisers with antennae swaying produced by USAV, nor columns of black Chevy or GMC Suburbans.  Such vehicle configurations represent images similar to what has been seen throughout the battle spaces of both Iraq & Afghanistan.  This is part of the reason why so many of these vehicles were so easily recognized, engaged & destroyed, with the crew lost in action. 

14A)  When black suburbans was mentioned, the film, Transformers was not what was implied.  I was inferring the use of vehicles such as what is often employed by the larger companies.........for example......SOC-SMG or Triple Canopy.  I've seen these assets running around in Iraq & Afghanistan.

15)  Right mate.  You've got the attention of the gentlemen in my security department.  You are a small sadly an upstart company, so it will be a while before making world wide noteriety, I'm afraid.  I understand what you're saying now, quite clearly & you & I have had communication in the past.  We have upcoming contracts each with a bid from our end.  Only time will determine what comes of it.  What else can you tell me about your gun trucks, or possibly a wagon such as the Excursion you mentioned?  Tell me all about it.  (Name & location omitted per request)

15A)  Yeah, I know it.  Getting started has been akin to moving a hill with a shovel & my hands.  In our last communication, I may have come off a little harshly, but that isn't what was intended.  While I was in Iraq & Afghanistan from Feb 2005-March 2006 as a combatant, it was noticed how varying private security companies such as Blackwater, Triple Canopy & Aegis were being taken for lease amounts of between $5000 & $36000 USD per month for a single vehicle.  It was pathetic seeing these companies & others being raped over sales, leases & repairs.  They were operating vehicles which by my standards, were absolutely stock up-armored machines & some which were specialty assets.  Nothing impressed me except for the massive efforts expended by the individual PSCs, to acquire services, parts & repair cooperation within the AO.  The PSCs & big petrol companies were paying thousands of USD each month to operate & maintain lease on individual vehicles.  An up-armored Suburban or Excursion was going for a $10000 lease each month or a final sale amount of $180000USD.  These are BR8 assets of other companies which are equal to USAV's BR5 trucks & they don't even contain an integrated weapon system.  I presented this to the larger companies, similar to yours.  The only thing I have heard from 2 of the European companies is, "we will continue to rely on our trusted partners".  This has only 1 definition.  The 2 particular companies which have stated this are basically saying, they would much rather continue to purchase & lease substandard "shi-tango" from their usual associates, than ever possibly work with a Tier 1 combatant because he doesn't have a massive name, known globally.  They would rather continue purchasing "shi-tango" instead of acquiring another company's superior assets for a lesser amount which have been crafted by a guy who's been in the worst conceivable situations.  While in Iraq, I personally crafted 3 vehicles from the remnants of other combat vehicles which were damaged & written off of the books.  I took apart Ford & Chevy trucks, rebuilt them with parts & engine accessories from other equipment & came about with some very interesting results.  Many, several maintenance NCOs, each Army, Marines & Navy, witnessed the individual fabrications.  There were quite a few senior NCOs & Officers taking note of my work, quite wide-mouthed, & asking the usual questions.  "Just who the f**k are you", comes to mind.  Other questions such as, "Where the f**k did you learn to do that & how the hell did you get that to never did before". 

16)  I understand you completely as we had some business pushed out to you & your people last year.  Our Texas associates with overseas connections used you in some of the worst of the worst when things were looking pretty rough around the edges in Africa & the Middle East.  Who were the companies which told you they wanted to stick with their trusted partners?  Who are their trusted partners & who is making their decisions?  Are they aware you & your people are top shelf types as in top mother f**kers in the world?  What was the response or the continuing talk from the other big companies as concerning your vehicles & services?  You told me they said they too would go with their trusted partners.  Again who are their trusted partners?  They sound like a bunch of con artists who are selling trash dressed up to look like gold.  Danny ********, Virginia, USA   

16A)  Hey fishguy, it's good to hear from you.  We would go for another tough one like the last show if you or your amigos are advertising.  Personally, I can't display the titles of the individual companies or the names of the security managers anywhere within this site.  It could lead to legal problems considering the fact, no consent was sought to use either.  As for security, certain companies have hired British & Aussie marines & SBS formers.  They are all well-drilled & trained grunts & operators.  The marines are Tier 3 & the SBS operators are Tier 2.  For operational members, the varying companies have employed a few SAS formers of Tier 1 status, & many paras whom are of course, Tier 3.  You are aware, my entire crew are primarily US Army, all of us being Tier 1 North Carolina residents.  Yes, I know who is making the decisions, but can't display the information here.  Concerning armored vehicles, several large companies have informed me, they require time to look into my production & as well, that of the competition.  Others are very interested, but are very honestly reviewing their necessities prior to speaking of aquisition.  The companies which you have been made aware of are aware, a small number of USAV vehicles can swim, ford waterways up to 6' deep, & have a range of approximately 1900 land miles prior to requiring a fuel-stop.  I have already stated the obvious............"What is there to think about"? 

17)  I am interested in procuring products from your company.  Of particular interest is an M1 tank.  You could possibly build such a vehicle & maybe others?  I do have access to certain components such as the cannon & the side armor.  Dominic *****, Lima Ohio

17A) That's lovely.  I would appreciate the business.  However, there is some good news & some bad.  The good news is, USAV can build heavy armored vehicles.  The bad news is, USAV cannot build, nor will we attempt to build an Abrams.  The components necessary to construct an Abrams are unavailable to the public.  Certain components are also illegal to possess or sell.  If you currently possess the main weapon or any component of, to include the weapon mantle, do not bring them to me.  Possession of the mantle or an M256 main weapon is a federal problem & will fetch a sentence for you of at least 15 years in a federal prison.  Possessing the weapon mantle, attempting to fabricate it or attempting to reproduce the components of the composition of the track skirts, will get you into big trouble.  

17A)  In addition, should your company discuss a build which appears as an Abrams, then yes, USAV can accomplish this.  You should be made very well aware, the vehicle will be constructed of hardened materials, such as tungsten & carbon steel of varying degree.  The vehicle will be fully functional, of high performance, but will not bear the same protective qualities of the actual Abrams, Challenger, Leopard or LeClerc.  The vehicle will function & operate as a main battle tank, but will not survive a fight with any of the above, nor a Soviet T64 or further advanced tank.    

17)  What would be the reason for the poor performance against a T64 or further advanced tank.  You said this in your last response?  Dominic ********, Lima Ohio

17A)  There are two reasons.  The first is, the T64 & more modern Soviet tanks are equipped with the 125mm main weapon.  The USAV Abrams replica will not be eqipped with sufficient protection to resist the penetration of the Soviet 125mm cannon.  Our replica will weigh approximately 50 tons, empty, or perhaps, 55-57 tons, combat loaded.  The second reason is, the T80 is being operated by a professionally-trained & experienced crew.  Unless you are a former tanker, or are part of a very well drilled crew, you will be a at a disadvantage.

18)  You were telling a gentleman from Texas by the name of JJ, about the effectiveness of your wheeled Ford APC in paragragh 10.  You mentioned the window panels held up to the damage created by the incoming gunfire, but the panels were damaged to the extent you could not see out of them.  If that is so, then how can your vehicle get away if the driver can't see?  Is he going to open his door & stick his head outside?  That doesn't seem to be a very healthy move friend.  Paul *******, US

18A)  Hello, Paul.  That's a good question, & I happen to have an excellent answer.  Each of my vehicles is equipped with a functional periscope, cam system or fixed vision blocks.  If you are or were in the past, in an Armor or Mechanized Grunt unit, then you understand the fixed vision block configuration.  The particular vehicle of which we speak, is equipped with a combination recessed-camera & periscope system.

19)  In Spanish:  Hola mi amigo. Otra persona recientemente hizo una pregunta sobre la construcción de un depósito que se ve y funciona como un M1 vehículo de combate del Ejército de los ESTADOS UNIDOS. Puedo saber si este vehículo puede sobrevivir a un ataque de un avión, posiblemente un A10?

19)  In English:  Hello my friend. Another person recently asked a question about building a tank that looks and operates like an M1 combat vehicle of the US Army.  Can you tell if this vehicle can survive an attack by an aircraft, possibly an A10?

19A)  Hola Samuel. El solo vehiculos de combate que ya existen y que pueden sobrevivir un ataque desde el canon 30 milimetros (GAU8) de la Fuerza Aerea de los Estados Unidos A10, son del tipo: M1, M1A1/A2: Challenger 1/2;  Leopard 1/2; Leclerc; T80 FA; T90 FA; T14. Todos los otros vehiculos seran destruidos por fuego de esta arma sin proteccion adicional. 

19A)  In English:  Hello Samuel.  The only combat vehicles which exist, which can survive an attack from the 30 millimeter cannon (GAU8) of the United States Air Force A10, are of the following type:  M1, M1A1/A2: Challenger 1/2; Leopard 1/2; LeClerc; T80 FA; T90 FA; T14 FA.  All other vehicles will be destroyed by a burst from this weapon without additional protection.  (For Samuel ******, Torrejon)

20)  Out of everything your company is doing or has done, what is the single most important thing to you & what do you want to do?  Karen ********, Atlanta, GA

20A)  The single most important thing to USAV is the production of the highest quality assets to our Clients.  I want to build armored vehicles.........want to perform builds for the largest companies with the greatest need.  This goes especially for the petroleum companies functioning throughout the Middle East & Africa. 

21)  Hello mate.  I shall keep this brief & on path.  My associates & I are interested in the purchase of Humvees & a vehicle similar to your van, that carries the 81mm mortar & the heavy Browning in the rear.  Yes, we certainly have an interest in learning more about the vehicle & of course negotiating a price for the whole lot of them.  My company's senior associates & the executive of the company have been shown the USAV pages & your literature as well as imagery have drawn strong fascination.  In the petroleum business, successful operation of remote locations often falls heavily upon the shoulders of the most fit & survivable.  Your vehicles seem to stand a cut above the rest.  In that, your speaking of vehicles with an unrestricted road range of 1900 miles, while most can swim.  You've got vehicles with an amazing balance of offensive, defensive & survival qualities not seen elsewhere.  I have been out of the Regiment for a decade now.  Been working as a contractor since leaving the Service.  I was in Fallujah in 05 & 06 & can relate to everything you were speaking of, especially of the day when the American Marines shot the piss out of my mates in their vehicles while in North Fallujah.  Those were my mates from Aegis.  I remember.  What say you about Humvees & the Econoline conversion?  Name withheld as requested, Europe 

21 A)  Hello to you, mate.  Yes, in fact, I remember those days also, & heard plenty from the Aegis crowd upon reaching Ba'aria & FOB Fallujah.  Those guys were lucky they didn't get killed.  The marines engaged them with M4 Carbines & M240 GPMGs.  They were lucky the engagement didn't include a few Mk19s & "Fifties".  There would have been nobody else left alive to tell the tale.  They did go to the MEF commander & tell him.  It didn't make any difference.  The old man told them, "Shut the F##k up.....Get the f##k out of my office".  Yes, I had communication with a few of your countrymen over that direction.......good guys, all.  Yes, in fact, USAV can put together a very exceptional build involving the HMMWV (humvee) & the Ford Econoline.  The one shown is of the "Defender Series".  Often times, my associates & I, refer to this type of vehicle as a Polar Bear.  We can discuss a build, but I would recommend the following instead of humvees:  Ford 6.7L, Chevy 6.6L D-Max or a ground up build equipped with a 6.7L Cummins.  Let's get together.  Thank you for your time in the Double Deuce.    

22)  Good day.  Same gent here mate, but on a different set of vehicles.  You have an entire segment carrying on between a client & yourself somewhere within this very section of questions & answers.  The segment involved placing a heavier weapon system on a truck such as a rocket launcher or gun from a tank perhaps.  Please speak upon the subject further.  Name withheld as requested, Europe

22A)  Thanks for stopping by.  As regarding vehicles with medium & heavy armament, the combinations are numerous.  What is most important, is this.  Infantry weapons, to include surface to surface & surface to air missiles, as well as heavy machineguns & automatic grenade launchers are considered low & moderate recoil systems.  Such weapon systems can be adapted to light trucks or any of a variety of medium & heavy vehicles.  However, anti-tank cannons (gun systems) or howitzers require equilibrators & recoil cylinders due to the inherint higher recoil.  These are weapons of 100 mm or less.  USAV can adapt certain weapons within this category with vehicles such as the Defender Series (Ford E350 Econoline with mortar & M2 HMG).  Weapons of caliber, above 100 mm up to 105mm (US M68A1) & USSR 115mm require further stabilization, recoil control & can only be adapted to a vehicle of sufficient structural integrity & weight.  The roof of the Defender Series trucks (Ford & Chevrolet 1 ton van) can be warped or significantly damaged by repeat fire of weapons within this category.  Tank cannons, such as the NATO 120mm or USSR 125mm weapons, deliver even further recoil than that previously stated.  Much further recoil control & stabilization is then required.  Howitzers, such as the 155mm US M185 which is installed in the M109 Howitzer can't be attached to the Defender Series of vehicles.  The weapon is too heavy while the vehicle's roof geometry is insufficient.  Recoil alone would certainly do significant damage to the client's vehicle.  Such a weapon could be installed on a heavy vehicle, such as a tractor (highway 10-wheel truck).         

23)  Hello my friend.  Simply from curiosity & you most certainly get this very much.  Do you not fear for your product & your designs by posting them online?  Me & my associates favor your work very much.  Others who are in your line of work also favor your work & your ideas.  Are you not afraid these others will steal your designs?  Martin ******, Guatemala

23A  Buenos tardes, Martin.  Gracias.  No.  There is no fear or concern in the competition attempting to copy my work & pursue my designs as their own.  Even the master mechanics & welders of the biggest companies can do nothing with my designs or ideas.  Few, if any are combat vets with relevant experience concerning armored vehicle construction.  Few have any experience in armored vehicles at all, but lesser in not standard applications such as armored vehicle construction.  When 1 embarks upon the path to build one of my vehicles, such as a Defender Series truck (Ford Econoline with 81mm mortar & 12.7mm HMG), he or she either has the right knowledge, understanding, competence, metallurgical application & experience, or he does not.  If he does not, & continues with the build, he will find himself in jail.  That is, after his vehicle experienced a catastrophic structural failure which resulted in a violent vehicle malfunction & the vehicle injured & killed other people on the highway.   

24)  I want to know how it is that you think your heavy trucks like Dagger or Earthquake are so well-protected when I can easily see certain components of the front & rear axles.  If I can see these components, then I can shoot them.  You have some very impressive ideas & your work is very durable.  I can see all of this just from the pictures.  Angel *******, Vehicle Fabricator, Colorado

24A)  Hello, Angel.  Thanks for the contact & you provide more fair questions.  In each of the images in which crucial steering or rear end components are visible, the protective apparatus has been removed.   If you use any of my Survivor Series trucks as an example, you will notice varying components are visible to the naked eye.  The armor has been removed for better view.  This is done, especially so the Client is capable of viewing the vehicle & all of its individual components under stressful operating conditions.  The Client cannot see the articulation of a front end assembly if dense armor is restricting the view.  Thank you.  

25)  Along with some other commentators, I too would certainly say, you have some awesome shi-tango coming out of your shop.  If all of your Survivor series trucks have the same open space above the front tires, then you have a major problem dude.  Any average gunfighter can shoot bullets all day into that diesel engine & that big heavy son of a bitch won't be going anywhere.  Sam *********, truck builder, Boston MA/Los Angeles CA

25A)  Good afternoon, Sam.  Sam, you are full of surprising volumes of optimism.  You are a beacon of hope, not only in the shop, but throughout the world..........a breath of inspiration for all mankind!  Please refer to previous communication between a gentleman from Colorado & I.  In certain images, the viewer will notice components of vehicles in plain sight which appears to indicate a vulnerability.  In fact, the protective apparatus which would normally conceal the component has been removed for the purpose of the camera, & likewise, to the benefit of the Client. 

26)  Just a couple of questions.  Management & myself have had a look at your van with the mortar in the back & the machinegun drilled down through the roof.  We want to know if you can build an armored transportation vehicle along the same lines.  Can you tell me if it will have a built-in weapon system like the one that you have been mentioning in other vehicles?  Can the van go 400 or 500 miles without stopping at a tanker or at a gas station?  Mason *******, Onshore-Offshore Facility Mgmt, Middle East

26A)  Hi Mason.  The vehicle of which you speak falls under the Defender series.  Any APC which is similar in design would be equipped with an integrated weapon unless the Client refuses it.  Being built to function primarily as an APC, would sacrifice some firepower.  While the vehicle would be armed, the mortar & 12.7mm HMG would be removed.  Additions would be made & a remotely-operated M60 GPMG or M134 multi-barrel weapon would be added.  The vehicle will seat a vehicle operator, navigator & weapon-communication system operator, & between 9 & 12 personnel depending on vehicle type.  The vehicle will be capable of fording waterways of 6-9 feet, run approximately 100 mph & will have an uninterrupted range of 800-1700 miles depending on factory type.  Non-internet communication range will be at least 150 miles, but probably not greater than 350 miles.  The truck will weigh approximately 13000 lbs.  It will come with the Ford 6.7L diesel, or equivalent system.  

27)  Your monster truck named Nemesis is very impressive.  I like the build.  I don't like the antenna you got attached to the shell on the truck's back.  I can see it so I can shoot at it.  Why is your antenna exposed like that?  Andrea ********, Spain

27A)  Hola, Andrea.  (Hello, Andrea).  Yes, I'm certain you can see the antenna extension & assembly, as it was intentionally exposed for the Client to see clearly.  Regardless, the antenna assembly shown installed upon Nemesis has been discontinued for a new design.  I had better results with the more current generation systems which have been devised in the USAV shop.  Regarding the system shown, the armored hub has been removed, leaving only a naked antenna & 180 degree joint.   

28) Hello mate.  Could you kindly show off more of your Survivor & Defender Series wagons?  That Defender Ford wagon you've got is one bloody good striker mate.  I should like to have my company executive discuss procuring a small armored regiment of your vehicles.  The balance of power, range & fighting capability is unrivalled as far as my experience goes & for 1/3 of the competition.  Michael ********, company machinist, Netherlands 

28A) Hello, Michael.  Unfortunately, I've had communication with your company seniors, & they've made a decision as far as procurement of USAV assets is concerned.  Your company's seniors have stated, they wish to continue placing orders & working only with their trusted partners.  I have made it abundantly clear, the company's trusted partners are the very people who continue to lease & to sell the same sub-standard equipment to your seniors which has been sold & leased to you for the past 15 years, & for twice to 5 times the cost of my services & assets.  1 of your company seniors as well as 1 of your corporate security managers was present during an asset capabilities exercise.  I proposed this CAPEX, paid for transportation of my assets out your way, & gave the competition every available opportunity to show what he had.  I brought a total of 5 Tier 1 friends to your neck of the woods + 2 vehicles.  1 of the vehicles was a Defender Series truck equipped with a Ford 6.7L Turbo Diesel, a USAV shop-constructed 76mm Rapid Fire Cannon with 50 rounds, a US M2 HMG (3000 rounds), 1 M60 GPMG (4000 rds), 1 M17 Mk5 Flame-thrower, & a diesel-entrenched smoke generator.  This Defender Series truck, named, Mata (spanish for "Kill"), ran onto the range with not just its primary weapon onto the target, but primary & both secondary weapons in contact, all together, firing.  Mata had all first round hits & kills of all frames within 1.5 seconds of the weapon systems being initiated.  The toughest target to defeat was a steel-reinforced concrete barrier of 2 meters thickness.  There were G-force pack-equipped dummies & a 5" thick tungsten plate behind the barrier.  Mata engaged the objective from a range of 900 meters & then again at 350 meters.  The cameras mounted in overwatch of the target frames on the objective showed the wall being breached on the 2nd round & then the tungsten plate being struck twice times following.  The 1st, 3rd & 5th rounds to leave the 3" cannon were sabot.  The 3rd & 5th punched holes through the tungsten plate.  Mata destroyed everything on that range, & anything else which walked, ran, crawled, swam & flew.  Your company seniors were astounded as only a wide open mouth could prove such.  During the CAPEX, Mata ran through a ditch in which the competition was hoping the truck would become stuck & sink.  No.  The truck powered through the filth of the bottom where it became wider into a 10 meter wide channel.  The depth was about 2 meters deep, perhaps a little deeper in areas.  When Mata emerged with windshield wipers running, its body & undercarriage were covered in thick mud & muck.  We allowed the internal cam system to run throughout the entire time Mata departed & gained access to the roadway with the destination being Germany.  I intended for the vehicle operators to cover the 3" cannon, roll to Frankfurt & then return without fueling.  At such time Mata exited the test range, the competition vehicles began their exhibition.  1 was a Toyota Land Cruiser which went into the mud & had to be recovered by my other truck, a Chevrolet named, Titan.  Oh boy!  He does live up to his name.  The competitor's other vehicle, a Chevy Suburban with many automotive improvements & with great capability, began its show.  It gave a great performance.  The next area was structural integrity.  The competitor brought along 3 riflemen, each was equipped with an MP5K.  The Chevy suburban crew exited the vehicle.  Each riflemen emptied a magazine to which the uparmored Chevy Suburban offered excellent protection.  I stated, "Well, that's real swell gentlemen.  However, few outside of America & Europe are using the NATO 9mm round of ammunition.  They are using such calibers as in the PKM, 7.62X54mm".  They looked at each other.  I asked, "May I please try mine"?  They looked at each other once more & then at me, & then nodded in affirmation.  I removed the cover from the device laying on the table.  It so happened to be, one of my esteemed collegues happen to bring a Soviet PKM which just so happened to have 400 rounds linked, belt to belt.  I looked to one of my mates, & stated, "We need Mata back here as soon as is safely possible".  My mate pulled a radio from his pocket & relayed our necessities.  The Chevy Suburban crew exited the vehicle & the USAV gentlemen emplaced dummies into the seats.  From 100 meters, the PKM spit out 50 rounds in an uniterrupted burst.  The crowd moved forward to inspect for damage.  Damage was extensive.  The front screen showed several breaks.  The engine block was penetrated at the front cylinders & intake manifold.  The dummies staged in the front seats were leaking gel indicating, severe injuries, perhaps death.  From 50 meters closer to 25 meters, I let loose 20-25 rounds & one of my associates moved forward under fire.  From 5 meters, he dumped 2 frags beneath the vehicle & then moved for cover.  The frags detonated at the front end at or near the ball joints.  I rolled & rushed the final 25 meters with my finger on the trigger.  Having broke to the right of the vehicle, I pitched out a frag.  The vehicle burst into flames.  Its fuel tank lacked adequate protection.  The competitor was not so upset we fragged his truck, but really because we set it ablaze.  Mata entered the range.  My mates & I attacked Mata with small arms & frags.  I certainly gave Mata the remaining 350 rounds from the PKM.  Mata approached & did show some obvious battle damage, but was fully functional.  Our crewmen never exited the vehicle during the mayhem.  Go figure.  Mata then rolled to a great pub in London.  The mates had a pint with some of our old counterparts within the British Army.  Mata also returned with plenty of diesel in the fuel tank.  Your company seniors still decided to go with the competitor & his substandard "so-called" combat vehicles.  This competition took place at Gilmore Range, if I am correct.  Ask any of the SAS gents of the British Army.  They can point you in the right direction.  So, friend, as you can see, USAV showed with a superior package, 1 magnificent Ford truck & 1 exceptionally mobile Chevrolet truck.  Mata is capable of running at highway speed for 1300 land miles without refuelling.  Titan is capable of autobahn speed for 1800 miles.  If speed is restricted to 60 mph, Titan is capable of 2100 miles without touching a fuel tanker.  Now do you understand my frustration?  I paid for everything on my end to get to Europe for the competition & felt, it would all be worth it within 1 minute of Mata entering the arena.  Instead, your company's seniors held a private meeting out of hearing range with the competitor, approached my mates & I & delivered a handshake.  I asked the only thing a hard working man could ask.  "So, sir.  What do you think of our product?  Will they be sufficient to satisfy your needs"?  He looked at me & said, "USAV?  Something new, huh"!  We just got into the f%$king trucks & departed.  The guys just wanted to speak with old mates & have a beer.  So, I cut them loose.  I just went to the hotel & stood in the shower for a while.  Thousands of dollars was spent out of my pocket & no purchase followed.  Put yourself in my position, Michael.                 

29)  Hat's off to you mate.  I can certainly appreciate your position.  It sounds like you were trying to put your best foot forward to a rupert & his bed buddy.  If Aegis knew of USAV, bet on it we certainly would have handed you a contract with that handshake.  It would have been more like 30 seconds instead of a minute.  Your Defender Series wagon off to Frankfurt or London & petrol remaining upon return...unheard of!  76mm gun..50 Cal..M60 & space for a few blokes ran into a rupert!  Name withheld......Europe

29A)  Thanks mate.  Much appreciated.

30)  I think what you guys got going is superb.  Just for FYI, these big international companies are not the only source of business.  All of the big companies are looking for companies with huge names to satisfy their internal needs.  No matter how effective you guys are it just doesn't make any difference.  The big natural gas, oil & shipping companies are happy with paying costs 2 to 5 times greater than your notes.  There are also dudes who got mega bucks.  Dudes like Jay Z also are buying or have already bought armored cars.  It was on yahoo news.  Gilbert ********* NY, USA

30A)  Roger.  Thanks Gilbert.  We'll get eyes on that path.

31)  Your sales would increase & there would be greater attention from large corporates if you were to show off some of your bigger, better trucks & other vehicles.  What is Mata & what about Titan?  What sort of truck is this or is it a van?  James ***** Florida, USA

31A)  Any asset of construction greater than BR10 is never put online or entered into a venue in which pictures or live active imagery is of concern.  I am concerned with attempts of subversion & espionage, or possibly a complete relocation of one of my assets without consent.  Mata is built from a Ford F550 body with factory engine, transmission, front & rear ends & emissions components.  Titan is a Chevrolet K3500 1 ton truck with a Duramax turbo diesel & several improvements, to include a rear end from a 3-ton Chevy wrecker.     

32)  Here are 2 questions for you.  First, have you ever or would you ever build a vehicle which does not have an existing body?  The other thing is, that, do you build an internal weapon in each of your security vehicles?  George******** USA

32A)  Hi, George.  Yes, I have in the past & can again, perform a complete vehicle fabrication.  All USAV vehicles are constructed with an integrated weapon unless the client opts otherwise.

33)  Hi.  What is that you guys do to make armored cars like Mata & Titan something big to talk sh#t about?  You make it sound like that armored car of yours is so tough.  I'd put my Nissan Titan & my Armada up against your Ford & your Chevy & I know about who will come out after the smoke clears.  Roger ******* Atlanta, GA 

33A)  You're not only full of hot air about your two Nissan vehicles, but also seriously misinformed.  First up, I have built very few armored cars, but certainly more than a few armored trucks, shop-designed armored personnel carriers & on 2 occasions to date, light tanks.  Perhaps the only thing which can be said, is Mata is a fully-embodied armored vehicle weighing in at 29000 lbs, empty (14.5 tons).  His frame rails are twin 3/4" (19mm)  X 10" (253mm) carbon steel C-Rails & are double-reinforced.  There are double the torque rods on Mata as compared to a Freightliner Classic.  His rear differential is not a limited slip but a positraction-mid range with tractor springs which allows for the towing of any commercial or military trailer up to 70000 lbs.  Mata is equipped with an unconventional assembly surrounding the turbo diesel which by the way, is twin-charged, outputting 475 hp on the dyno & 1400 ft lbs torque to the rear end.  Get your cute Japanese-crafted trucks out of my Chevy's & my Ford's face.  They'll be up way, way passed their bed time.  Good day, Roger.  Ma'a salama.  

34)  Good afternoon.  My name is Martin *********.  My company is interested in the acquisition of vehicles that can fill the following positions out.  Possibly you can help us.  The company requires 6 security vehicles by March 2014 to fill positions on a new contract.  The vehicles need to be armed.  They have to be able to run over a very long distance. Something in the range of 600 miles during usual operation.  They have to be armored.  What can you do for us?  Martin ********* Company title withheld as desired, US

34A)  Hi Martin.  USAV can definitely assist your company.  First, please identify your individual vehicle characteristics (example-will the vehicles operate in or near a body of water).  Second, what type(s) of vehicles do you require, Long Range Reconnaissance-Communications, Infantry Combat, Armored Personnel Carrier-Fast Attack, Light Amphibious Combat, Fire Support-Attack?  Third, in what general area of the globe will the vehicles be operating?

34)  Hello.  In answer to your question, I will need 6 security transport vehicles of at least B6 protection.  My security manager mentioned this information & told me to look you up.  Everything will be working in the Middle East & in Africa & yes, we will be working near areas of water.  There are a lot of marshes out there also.  Martin ********* Company title withheld as desired, US

34A)  Excellent.  Here is my recommendation.  I recommend you travel to my area so you can see a vehicle which is under fault correction right now.  It's type may interest you greatly.  I recommend, you purchase 1 Long Range Reconnaisance-Communication Vehicle (BR9/HV5), 1 Armored Personnel Carrier-Communication Vehicle (BR11/HV5), 3 Armored Personnel Carrier-Fast Attack Vehicles (BR10/HV5) & 1 Fast Fueler-Fire Support Vehicle (BR7/HV3).  All of the vehicles will be equipped with the same power & drivetrain.  The fueler can supply itself for a distance of 7600 miles or 5 vehicles for an additional 1350 miles.  Some of the vehicles within this wheeled group consume fuel at a greater rate due to greater weight.  Armament will be significant & will involve the addition of surface to surface rocket munitions. 

35)  Hello mate.  A looney Scottsman on this end.  Would you be at all able to convert a wagon into an armored vehicle?  Further, could you possibly build an armored wagon from the ground up?  Willie ***********, UK

35A)  Good day to you, mate.  Yes, I can perform either build, a conversion or new draft build.  What sort of capacity are we speaking of........7-seat Ford Excursion, or a 20-seat bus? 

35)  No lad.  Please don't build a Ford Excursion.  Grant you that..they are great machines but just one of those will drink away all of the petrol in the EU.  I saw one of those bloody death wagons in Iraq while it bashed a whopper of a hole in a wall & got stuck with its wheels off the ground.  Bloody damndest thing I ever saw right before my very own eyes.  A wagon with its bum in the air.  It was a rugged bucket of steel.  That's for sure.  No, what's necessary is something with greater space.  Perhaps, we'll need 2 buses with seats for 20 mates a piece.  Willie***********, UK

35A)  Yes, Willie.  That isn't a problem  

36)  Regarding Mercedez & BMW vehicles, is it possible to armor them the same way you do with the Ford & Chevy trucks?  I prefer Mercedez.  Johann *********, Private Security Company, EU

36A)  Hi.  Yes, absolutely.  The Benz, BMW & Volvo trucks are all excellent candidates for this application.  They lack the power & torque of the Big 3, but work very well within these applications.  Outstanding.  The Mercedez trucks you are choosing are very good.  Volvo comes out to the front as far as Euro trucks & tractors are concerned & I have found they require less maintenance hours than both Mercedez & BMW. 

37)  Regarding your fast attack & security trucks & the security you hold over them-I still would like to know if you would consider showing them on your site.  You do have some very interesting design & work displays especially with the Survivor Series vehicles.  I like what you have done to the 1/2 ton Chevrolet truck.  It's like the Batmobile hiding underneath a regular truck body & nobody would ever know they are standing next to a killer truck with a diesel engine inside it.  What's that big ball underneath the truck back there where the spare tire normally is?  Is that a nitrous tank?  Ezekiel James **********, Montana

37A)  Hello, James.  Unfortunately, I can't satisfy your interest.  Some of my designs were the source of too many people with too many cameras attempting to capture certain assets on film.  If the asset didn't find its way onto a draftsman's table then what else could be the source of interest?  It isn't the US Government.  If it was, which ever interested federal party would simply send a representative to my shop & allow me to verify his or her status.  He or she would just ask for a tour.  However, this has already occurred, which made an interested party further interested, while apparently frightening certain others.  Concerning the request, I will, however, come up with an alternative display for certain assets, perhaps Mata.  Yes, Dagger is an exceptional machine.  1/2 ton Chevy trucks are not equipped with a Duramax Diesel & that has confused some in public, or so the owner has informed me.  They see a 1/2 ton truck, but hear a turbo-diesel, instead of the factory gas engine.  No, there is no nitrous cell installed on Dagger.  You would bend the connecting rods of a D-max if you injected nitrous into it.  A Duramax is a direct-injection engine & the presence of pressurized nitrous would push cylinder pressure up to 2500 psi.   

38)  Hi.  Do you have any trucks which are like Mata & also the Defender Series van on the photgraphs page which are new-builds without the factory body?  Cres ********, Russia

38A)  Yes, Cres.  There is a Hunter Series vehicle which has been built for a Middle Eastern-based security company.  The vehicle's name is, Achilles.  Achilles is a ground-up new build which looks very much like a Ford F550.  There will be a depiction of the vehicle displayed in the days to come.  The Defender Series truck of which you speak is called, Long Bow. 

39)  What do you think of the vehicles that are built by Texas Armor Company?  They have all kinds of vehicles.  You should try partnering with them.  Kenneth *********, California, USA

39A)  I could never enter into a partnership with TAC, certainly because I would have to give up my key designs & research & there is no guarantee, TAC wouldn't take advantage of USAV.  Texas Armoring Corporation is a giant with great notariety.  They have been around since the mid-70s or early 80s.  They have some good common designs & build a solid truck.  They're not on par with USAV, but they are working 85% of all of the contract builds available.  Simply put.........I can't compete with their name.    

40)  Look here.  You blokes have got to come up with a new marketing plan.  You've arrested all of the right talent as far as vehicle construction is concerned.  More so you have quite the talented crowd for security & operations work, certainly as you are full of US Army tier 1 blokes.  It's not every day a company can say all of the employees & the gent in charge are army ***** ****e.  What you are in serious need of mate is proper marketing & a bit of grandeur.  You have no corporate image.  Johnathan **********, Australia 

40A)  Johnathan, thank you for the advice.  I'll work on it.  I don't know anything about creating a corporate image or glittery, shiny things, but I'll give it a good run.  Your advice is greatly appreciated.

41)  You need a better site.  Something with a intereactive homepage & video.  Everybody is looking at your imagery & it is attractive.  The problem isn't that.  It's that you're imagery does not move.  Focus on marketing & imagery to attract & keep the people who visit your site.  You got to get on Facebook like everybody else.  Christopher **********, Seattle Washington

41A)  Roger.  This is something else USAV will have to look into.  Thank you for the advice.  This is something else to attempt to achieve.

42)  As with all others visiting your site, I certainly understand security & can appreciate your caution as far as keeping vehicles such as Titan out of view.  Your business image aside, your product line would explode if you were to place these trucks on the photo board.  Your product line would without any doubt draw so much further attention in especially if you were to display the internal areas of these vehicles.  It's just a suggestion.  I would certainly enjoy looking into you guys' vehicle, Mata.  That thing sounds as though it is a beast bringing death.  What do you think about any of that?  I mean, that security is important, but how important.  When you look at it, you did reveal Nemesis & also removed parts which is what you mentioned to a couple of people somewhere within the comments area.  Cory ********, Dearborn Michigan

42A)  Hello.  Thanks, Cory.  Look, I would like to reveal Mata, Titan & show more of the previous manufactures.  Security of imagery is all I have to maintain protection of USAV design & both internal & external engineering.  If I reveal any of my designs, then both internal knowledge (intelligence) & experience (operational advantage) will be lost.  Yes, I showed certain aspects of Nemesis, but nothing which can assist the competition in constructing a better vehicle.  Mata is a specialty-build, with a visual similarity to the Ford 550 which is equipped with a 3" rapid fire cannon, secondary weapons, additional offensive & defensive capabilities.  He carries a crew of 6 or space for up to 6 persons in any combination of crew & principal if necessary.  When Mata is operating as a combat security vehicle, 3 of his crewmen may be berthing while the other 3 are active.  I designed him for the purpose of conducting 24-hour operation with the only performance limitation being crew-supply-fuel endurance.  Mata was intended to conduct operations for iterations of 6 days, with a 7th day being resupply, rearmament & refuel, & possibly a change of crew along with minor maintenance for the truck.  I cannot reveal the truck's interior features, nor exterior.  Other companies will commit the imagery to a draft board & reproduce my vehicle.  Titan is likewise.  Nemesis was a specialty construction for a private client.  Nobody can commit the images to a draft board or apply computer-aided drafting to discover his dimensions.  Nemesis is not sitting in the middle of construction with factory Ford frame rails.  You must have knowledge as to even how to obtain the materials from which his chassis is fabricated.  Dimensions cannot be ascertained because the imagery is insufficient for the purpose of aiding in determination.  An individual who owns a shop in Arizona so happens to be a master welder & mechanic.  He noticed Nemesis in construction while he was exposed one day.  This person came onto my business property & fully disregarded the signs stating, "No Trespassing, No Cameras, No Photography".  He photographed Nemesis.  1 month later, I noticed a mangled vehicle laying on the side of Highway 60 going toward the City of Mesa.  I recognized the vehicle as being a copy of Nemesis.  The frame rail arrangement, what remained of it, was unmistakable.  I do not believe this person survived.  The structural formula supporting his build was out of balance & woefully questionable.  5 of these trucks have been born from my hands to this date.  All are operational & without fault or fault of collision or injury.  Another company will attempt to gain data of my further BR9 & BR10 or higher builds or at least the drafts.  I do not want to fuel the success of another company.  USAV wishes to stand in the sun where we belong & produce the world's finest vehicles.  We are second to none.  We simply lack the big name to go with our quality of manufacture.  A few of the Brit guys stated so, & I believe every word of what they say to be true & realistic.    Regardless, I will arrive at a conclusion which allows for some view, but not actual imagery or video.  Someone will steal my vehicles.  Thank you, Cory.  Take care. 

43)  I have seen your vehicles online sir.  I have noticed at least of your vehicles working within the area of Northern Africa and as well in Yemen.  They were tortured but certainly very capable.  I can think of several companies within the Middle East & Africa whom would purchase your vehicles.  As far as Egypt Gas is concerned what could be the possible benefit of purchasing from USAV over another company?  Perhaps Griffen or a larger company, perhaps sir, Texas Armor Company?  I shall wait patiently for a response.  Dr Muhamad *********, Egypt-Saudi

43A)  Shukran sayeed.  Barack Allah feek.  Egyptian Gas & its corporate partners would benefit in 3 ways.  Your company will be purchasing an exceptional vehicle created by a person with experience manufacturing Combat & Direct Contact Security Vehicles, & not an individual who is while being an excellent technician & welder, is without significant experience.  Griffen builds a fine security vehicle, just as does Texas Armoring Corporation.  Their vehicles are not constructed for the purpose of participating in combat nor security operations, but can accept significant damage within a "challenged static environment".  Other than Nemesis, Oceanside & Earthquake, USAV vehicles were intended for combat.  Even Nemesis is equipped with defensive & offensive weapons & can commit to a fight, but preferably at a stand-off distance.   Their vehicles are well-crafted but lack balance.  In buying from USAV, you get more for you money & also in a purchase & not a lease.  In working with USAV, you will find, 3 of my associates & I speak Arabic.  Considering the fact I do not practice Arabic daily, my skills have diminished.  Regardless, I can still communicate.  USAV is familiar with Middle Eastern customs, & would be happy to sit with you before purchase & have chai or qa wa.  USAV is the only choice Habibi.  Sabah al khayr.

44)  What is the reason that you guys don't post the address of your business?  You never post your actual business address.  Why?  Jefferey *********, Topeka, Kansas

44A)  It's the problem I have with those attempting to penetrate physical security at the USAV production facility.  In addition, 3, sometimes 4 false emails are received each week.  I receive a high level of scam traffic.  

45)  In concern to the Defender Series wagon (Ford E350) that you have devised.  It carries the Browning 12.7mm machinegun & the 81mm mortar.  Could you kindly tell me what the protective qualities are concerning the front glass?  And of course, I want to also know the structural integrity of the front space & the weapon space.  What is the imbedded weapon that you have spoken on your site about many times?  This is of great interest to my company executives.  I too also have a strong individual interest.  Please advise.  Karl *******, Germany

45A)  Hello, Karl.  As far as structural integrity can be discussed, the truck incorporates a mixture of hardened panels each providing either shock, shatter, spall or penetration proofing.  USAV incorporates hard & soft Kevlar panels into the armor composition as well.  Beyond this description of manufacture, USAV will make no further comment in reference to structural integrity.  The Defender Series trucks will absorb multiple direct contact detonations of frags (high-explosive fragmentation grenades), hundreds of impacts of either the USSR or US .50cal/12.7mm Heavy Machineguns at both near & far ranges.  My trucks in this series will survive numerous near impacts of USSR & US 152mm & 155mm artillery & all calibers of mortar projectiles.  The forward screens are a combination of high-strength & high-flexibility Lexan & high level glass-clad urethane-spaced polycarbonate.  The means of arrangement & configuration are confidential, but the thickness as shown is, 4.5".  Imbedded weapons are only discussed with the individual client.  Unless the client intends otherwise, the majority of my truck builds are assembled with all-newly-manufactured chassis.   

46) Hi there.  Could you go over this again.  What sort of armored car is Achilles?  If it is an F550 than it's a Ford product & you should not be claiming it to be of your manufacture.  Eugene ********, TX, armored vehicle builder

46A) Hello.  Eugene, Achilles is a Hunter Series vehicle which was drafted & built in my shop.  He is a ground-up-build which carries the appearance of an F550.  The vehicle weighs more than 30,000 lbs, empty, & packs sufficient firepower to conduct an engagement with a USSR-era tank platoon.  His body is manufactured from high strength metal panels of varying thickness (6-30mm), & is designed to replicate the appearance of the Ford F550.  Achilles' weapons include but are not limited to, a 90mm recoiless rocket launcher for engagements up to 4500 meters, a high velocity 76mm cannon for engagements up to 3300 meters, a 12.7mm HMG with 3000 rounds, a 7.62mm minigun with 7000 rounds & an M60E3 GPMG.  The M60E3 comes with an improved barrel & 3000 rds of ammo.  Achilles carries a comm system which can conduct radio communication with Range Control at Ft Carson, Colorado from Dugway, Utah or even Salt Lake City.  Achilles is not a car.  He's an armored truck, specifically designed as a Fire Support Vehicle & a tank destroyer.  Achilles has a range at combat weight of 1400 miles prior to requiring a fuel station or tanker.  The 90mm recoiless rocket launcher carries 55 rounds, while the 3" cannon is equipped with 70 rds.   

47) What is the penetration of your 90mm rocket launcher?  What is the hauling capacity of trucks like Titan, Mata, & Achilles, & also what engines are you using?  Gerald *******, Ivan *******, Baltimore, MD

47A) Hello guys.  The performance of USAV's weapon systems other than what has been reported is confidential & only discussed with the Client.  In direct answer to your question, penetration of USAV's 3.5" HEAT & APHE projectiles are significant in rolled homogenous armor & hardened steel plate.  Beyond this answer, the gentlemen who possess the answers are those who have purchased the systems.  Hauling capacity for these vehicles ranges between 6000 & 12000 lbs.  Towing capacity is dependent upon trailer type & is within the area of 30000 & 75000 lbs.

48) Good day.  Could you please advise my security firm of the effective capability that your Hunter truck such as Achilles or Mata or perhaps the Defender series vehicle shown in the picture maintains.  What effect are these vehicles capable of unleashing on perhaps the US Army Abrams tank- M1A1 or M1A2?  What level of devastation may such vehicles unleash upon the following battle tanks of the Russian Federation Army?  NATO declares these tanks as the T72, T80 & of course T90.  What of the BTR 60 or perhaps the BMP & BMD light vehicles as they are known to the NATO?  Mika Aila

48A) Hello, Mika.  The performance of Achilles' primary & secondary weapons systems is not discussable, but are ineffective against the Abrams' turret frontal armor or weapon mantle.  Achilles can achieve a mobility kill, possibly destroy or disable the vehicle & crew of an M1A1 or M1A2 from the flank or rear, but definitely cannot take a hit from the M256 main weapon.  If hit by the 120mm main weapon, Achilles will cease to exist as I manufactured him.  The owner may as well just sell the remains as scrap material.  Achilles has the ability to destroy the latest of former-USSR & Russian Federation tanks from multiple angles.  It is not recommended (a Client) challenge a T80 with a professionally-trained crew from within the tank's main armament range.  Keep this in mind.  While Achilles can absorb massive damage, he is not a tank & is vulnerable to a T80's 125mm main weapon while within aeffective range.  It means, the winner will be the most agile, mobile, maneuverable, faster & accurate shooter.  Achilles, however, will rip apart any of the light combat vehicles of the former USSR & any medium or heavy combat vehicles up to the T55.  Achilles meets significant resistance in an engagement with either the T62 or T64, & must expend multiple rounds of either the 90mm recoiless rocket launcher or 76mm cannon to effectively penetrate the frontal armor of the T80 or newer designs.  If in an engagement with the T80 or T90, multiple 90mm rockets must be expended to gain effect against their frontal armor or weapon mantles.  This is the reason for the significant ammo load.  Achilles' 76mm main weapon is more effective than its 90mm recoiless rocket system, but carries significantly lesser effective range.

49) Hello.  How are you doing?  I like the MRAP vehicles.  What is the effectiveness of Mata or Achilles against the MRAP vehicles? 

49A) Hi.  The MRAP series of vehicles are quality machines & I'm not knocking down any of them.  Either Mata or Achilles will quickly obliterate any of the MRAP vehicles.  Achilles can absorb a lot of damage.  I can comfortably claim, Achilles is capable of remaining operational despite detonations of AT mines & Bangalore Torpedos, multiple hundreds of impacts of either the Soviet 23 or 30mm cannons.   

50) I have come to the understanding you are a veteran & that you employ other veterans in your company.  I'm an active duty CSM.  My current assignment is the 1st Cavalry Division.  First, thank you for your service.  Second, I happened to come upon your company through an online search for attack vehicles.  I've been around a while & have certainly seen my share of unusual vehicles, but not so unusual as far as what US Armored Vehicles has.  The 5 trucks built just like Earthquake are very unique.  Of interest are 3 specific builds that seem to be right there within your realm.  Could you give more specific technical data about Achilles & Mata?  Second, are you capable of building an armored recovery vehicle which supports Achilles & Mata?  Concerning, MICV, what can you design or build that satifies the need for greater mobility, speed & greater range?  CSM ********, Ft Hood, Texas  

50A)  Good afternoon, Sergeant Major.  Thank you for your service.  As noticed, USAV has an array of vehicles, most of which are multipurpose systems.  In direct answer to your questions, please note the following.  I can give further details in reference to Achilles, Mata & 2 other vehicles of another series which may be of interest.  While Mata & Achilles are a pair of my heavy weight fighters, there are 2 which never get any exposure.  Their chassis were forged 6 years ago.  There is Terminator, the 2006 Chevy (Duramax) K3500 Duallie & Butch, the 1999 Ford F350 Duallie.  I pulled the 7.3L turbo diesel out of Butch & installed a De*******0.  After adjusting the valve lash & balancing power with torque, I realized I was on to a whole new plane of operability.  Both Terminator & Butch belong to the Survivor Series of vehicles.  Further details of Achilles & Mata will be supplied to you privately.  As far as armored recovery vehicles are concerned, USAV currently builds 6 models under 3 series of vehicles.  All are multipurpose to include the entire Voyager Series, in which these vehicles are capable of a range of up to 1800 miles off of their own fuel cells prior to touching a fuel station or FAARP.  If loaded with a wrecked vehicle, Voyager series vehicles are capable of distances of up to 1200 miles.  Concerning MICVs, there are 2 dedicated builds with others on the draft board.  No, I do not build anything like the Bradley.  USAV's version maintains 3 times the range, twice the mobility & additional speed.  In a fight, the only thing I'm concerned about is a Bradley's TOW system getting off the first accurate shot.  Thanks for writing.  It's always good to get a word from family. 

51) Just a couple of questions.  Can you say what sort of engine that you are using in the Defender Series van in the picture?  That's the one with the mortar in the back & the 50 caliber machinegun in the roof.  Just the same, what kind of engine are you using for Mata or Achilles?  Is it the Ford 6.7L Power Stroke?  Ralph *****, Seymour Johnson

51A) Hello.  The engine powering the E350 is a 7.3L turbo diesel.  Mata & Achilles are using engines about which I am keeping silent.  Certain interested parties are aware of this.    

52)  Hello mate.  Tell more of your armored recovery vehicles.  Kevin ******, Clarksville, TN/UK       

52A)  Hello, Kevin.  USAV has manufactured 2 medium armored recovery vehicles, both of which are wheeled.  They are Voyager Series vehicles & their names are Guardian & Shield.  Guardian runs on 4 axles each of a 30000 lb capacity.  The axles were produced to provide selectable 4-wheel independant steering.  He is a fully-armored Combat-Support-Recovery vehilce & is a new fabrication.  That means, production did not come from an existing factory vehicle.  incomplete

53)  You were mentioning a lot of stuff in the introduction at the beginning of this page.  What's with all these government rules & laws that say we the people can't have bombs & explosives.  That is too much government control.  What do you say about all of these things?   If I was to order 1 of your trucks & want the heavy firepower that you can put on it, then why can't I have it just because the FBI says so.  Dan *********, El Paso, TX

53A)  Hello, Dan.  It appears as you may be reading a bit too far into the subject.  It's all very simple & yes, I agree with the FBI.  It's not about government control.  It's about practical sense & practical ownership.  If there was no access control & any asset which is available to the military were open to the public for sale, then there would be both the mass proliferation of uncontrolled OCONUS sales of assets to foreign entities & as well, the immediate ingress or interdiction of hostile domestic forces into the minor & major towns across America.  Hostile domestic forces would occupy entire towns & small cities, having overrun any police capability or other competitive organization.  Hostile domestic forces would attack US Military facilities with USAV or US Military assets & recover Class 5 from the corresponding Ammunition Supply Points or Ammo Reclamation Areas.  It would be impossible to halt the proliferation or the attacks committed by hostile domestic forces.

54)  Okay, what the f%^k!  If I want big guns on my truck then that's my business.  What business is it of the federal government to keep everybody from getting this sort of thing?  I can't believe that you would agree with this sort of f%$king sh%t.  How about if I have a problem with somebody & he shows up to the fight with 10 friends & they all got AR15 assault rifles?  Mike ********, Louisiana

54A)  Yes, Mike, I do agree with the feds on this one & no, I'm not apologetic about it.  Unfortunately, not everybody within our Nation's territory is of strong mental & psychological structure.  When some of our citizens are confronted with a difficult problem, they often times resort to violence.  The last thing an out-of-control person bent on maniacal revenge needs is a FIM92 Stinger or either a combat-loaded British Challenger or F15E Strike Eagle.  Banks would never be safe.  Public emergency services & hospitals would be constant targets of interest if only as just sources of ransom.  Airports would require reinforcement by the US Military.  The Nation's Capitol & center of Government would be in constant jeopardy.  If you have a situation in which you might have to confront 11 armed guys, then perhaps you might consider the manner by which you conduct your affairs.  Refrain from sleeping with your associates' wives & stealing their earnings & such responses will be unnecessary. 

55)  Just want to ask you boys a few questions cause I been getting a bunch of half answers & just a mess of bullsh!t from a bunch of truck builders.  That holds the same about them Texas Armoring Corporation boys.  My name is Bobbie.  I live in Texas & was born in Texas.  I work in the oil industry & have been making a living in oil for over 30 years.  I need the right trucks for the tough jobs.  You was talking about your trucks & other armored vehicles that can take a bunch of beating from a 12.7mm machinegun & a 14.5mm machinegun.  Shit.  I don't know nothing about no 14.5mm machinegun.  That's sounds like some of that japanese measured communist sh!t.  Ok.  I do know what you was talking about with that 12.7mm machinegun.  You are talking about a Browning M2.  The .50 cal.  I was a tanker in  my day back in the Army in the 70's & know about that son of a bitch.  That's a hell of a gun boy.  Can your trucks, Nimar & Dagger take hits from the .50 cal?  When I say hits, I mean up close & a full belt out of an ammo can?  Bobbie, Foreign Oil

55A)  Hello, Bobbie.  The straight answer is, YES.  Nimar can take 500-600 rounds of mixed 12.7mm ammo (Ball, AP, API-T) prior to the armor reaching failure.  Dagger can handle half to 70% of what Nimar can take.  The 14.5mm weapon is another Soviet heavy machinegun, chambered in 14.5 X 118mm.  In comparison, 1 round of 14.5mm ammo hits with approximately 65% greater force than the US 12.7mm projectile.  It is a devastating weapon as far as light vehicles are concerned.  For example, should an M113 APC make contact with the Soviet 14.5mm HMG & within 1000 meters, the driver would need to seek immediate cover, for certain, hull-down defilade.  If you decide to go with USAV, you will not regret your purchase.

56)  I have a suggestion for you in terms of marketing.  Advertise to the foreign markets especially in Iraq & Afghanistan.  Things have been getting hotter with each coming week & that has got to get the governments of both countries looking for the right gear.  Marques, Morocco

56A)  Roger.  I have & continue to advertise to foreign markets.  There is no guarantee, the recipient is receiving the advertisement or is capable of responding to it.  Thank you.   

57)  What recommendations do you have for Maliki & Assad that may help them in their individual struggles?  Brent, UK in the Middle East

57A)  Hello, Brent.  As far as al-Maliki is concerned, my recommendations would have to be voiced behind closed doors.  However, I can advise him in the areas of equipment, training & operations.  I would advise, he or a trusted member of his government immediately contact USAV for the planned procurement of USAV vehicles.  Secondly, regarding training, I would suggest he waste no time in procuring Steel Bridge Security Services & in concern to operations, Steel Bridge-Special Missions.  It would be in his best interest.  Assad?  "The Lion" is on the US Government's "Shi-tango" list, so I would have to steer clear of him.  Thank you. 

NOTE FOR SHARE)  There is something the interested public should know about USAV & something which while not directly effecting USAV, it should know about certain members of the US Citizenry.  For a very long while now, some people around the world, but including within the USA, have made many attempts to establish electronic contact with USAV for inappropriate purposes.  There is a small group of people who have tried this for the purpose of seizing control of USAV's ability to control this site & as well to take control of USAV's client list.  All attempts so far have failed & all future attempts will also.  There are also others within the US whom are former acquaintences ofXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX He may use other names but this is uncertain.  Neither is a part of USAV or Steel Bridge.  They are FAKES!  They acquire the information of other individuals & use the information to manipulate targeted persons.  They are hacks.  If either is encountered, please contact me for verification so as to refrain from burning the wrong person.   





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